Thursday, 17 May 2018

Tilly Longworth

Tilly Longworth's graduation collection was especially wonderful in the setting of Trinity Hall due to the juxtaposition of the men in the portraits and the men modeling her collection and in-particular the 'big puff' jacket above.
"My graduate collection was inspired by a trip I made to London during summer. I was very interested in the music youths were listening too (grime music) and the culture behind it. I could see a relationship between some of the lyrics being used in the music and my own life growing up on a council estate in Dundee. Grime artists tend to always represent where they come from in their music, so I decided to do this my own way, within my textiles. I observed the youths on my estate and the environment. My aim was to manipulate the ‘hype beast’ market making my own brand of clothing for the youths using my name as the logo." Tilly Longworth 

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