Friday, 10 June 2016

Matilda Barrowcliff

This is Matilda Barrowcliff's graduate collection in Menswear at ECA. 

"The faces were all icons that I think are great people who should be celebrated and who the younger generation should look up to - rather than looking up to Kim Kardashian etc. The faces I choose were Frida Khalo, Aung San Suki, T.S. Eliot and Gloria Steinmen. The faces were painted using acrylic and then hand embroidered. The work was inspired by my drawings and the use of line - line becomes very important with the use of thread. I wanted to make the clothes beautiful inside and out / kind of representing the inside and outside of those icons I painted.
I've also always been a very messy person and I wanted that mess to be made to look beautiful - inspired by Francis bacon and images of his studio."
Matilda Barrowcliff.

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