Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Holly Graham

Holly Graham has just graduated in textiles from ECA, here are some details of her vibrant, fluorescent, textural designs.
"The style of my work as textile designer is influenced by abstract drawing and exotic colour. Textured mark making is my pathway to inspire my future textiles for fashion. A use of contrasting surfaces combined together create mixed media fashion pieces. Generating an individual style for my graduate collection Inflorescence. A unique collection that is influenced by botanical nature around us, Creating modern textiles that show exciting outcomes from a 3D perspective. Looking more specifically at how the structures found in nature can be seen in a creative way. Designing textile prints and sculptures that have been inspired by the beauty of exotic flowers from an abstract focus, Bringing together tactile aspects of soft and hard surfaces to construct, develop and produce handmade embellishment. As a designer of the future creating an unexpected approach to embellishment. Shows strength in adventurous ways that are are developing the focus to fit within a fashion context. Designs that are seen with the intention to sit alongside accessory pieces that also involve detailed embellishment style and content. Working within a playful colour palette that shows the aesthetics of photography and drawings. With particular interest of attention to detail. Striking colour impacts the possibilities of my Inflorescence as a collection." Holly Graham

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