Thursday, 7 January 2016

Sonja Bäumel

Sonja Bäumel's work is a synthesis of art, design, craft, fashion and science.Sonja studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Vienna,  a Bachelor in Arts at the University of Arts of Linz, and a Masters in
Conceptual Design in Context from the Design Academy Eindhoven. This project (In)visible Membrane  consists of four separate investigations including this where clothing fibers concentrate themselves on parts of the body that most require warmth.

"The human body does not end at the skin, but invisibly expands into space. The hidden membrane exists between our body and our surroundings. We can enter this invisible micro level with a microscope; we enter and magnify the micro world. What happens if we make the micro world of the human body perceivable? I want to confront people with the fact that our body plays host to countless bacteria and that a balanced perception of the body is closely linked to a balanced perception of the self.My vision is to use the invisible body layer, our individual skin bacteria population’s knowledge, to transform it into a visible, functional and flexibly adapting membrane. I believe that this new clothing on our skin could change our interaction with the environment and have health benefits for humans. The human body does not end at the skin, but is continually, invisibly, expanding into space." Sonja Bäumel

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