Friday, 5 June 2015

Georgia Allen I

Georgia Allen created a transformational costume for 'The Lord of the Flies' by William Golding. Research and developing textiles for Georgia when developing her ideas was most important. Within the Performance Costume degree at ECA there are no limits to exploring and experimenting with materials as well as developing the structural designs both elements are integral. 

"For my interpretation of Lord of the Flies I want to look into the decay in the nature of the boys mind, how they begin as rational boys but suddenly this rationality is eroded away into a savage primeval nature. Golding uses a descriptive tone to describe the boy’s surroundings and nature on the island. He contrasts the decaying nature with a gluttonous rich description of the elements. 
I looked at rotting nature of leaves in different stages of decay; using a microscope to magnify the intensity of the decaying leaves I created a unique digital print for each character. I also researched  uniforms, as I believe uniform depicts power and also how small differences in uniforms can reflect the unique individuality of the characters. The contemporary silhouettes reflect uniformity, transforming to highlight increasing corruption and the savage nature of individuals.
The theatre piece has been designed for an immersive, promenade theatre performance that is for educational purposes. The show would tour, unfolding at each location to advertise and promote learning about different skills, such as textiles, storytelling, and physical theatre. As the set unfolds scaffolding would emerge and be used to climb on.  The motive is to depict that the arts are equal and available to everyone and not just for certain epochs of society. Also it is to promote their social responsibility and to avoid becoming the savages that the boys in Lord of The Flies ultimately become." 
Georgia Allen

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