Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Georgia Adele Noble I

The fashion show at ECA is an opportunity to glimpse some of the talent coming up through the college in Fashion and Performance Costume as well as the emerging graduates.
This is the work of third year Performance Costume student Georgia Noble for 'Orlando' the screen play.
"I focused on the time period 1910, which to me evoked feelings of change and freedom within society and  fashion of the time. Corsets were no longer across the chest and sat on the hips but instead they would sit neatly under the bust and skim across the buttocks to give an elongated shape for the sheer and loose fabrics the women wore. Evening dress was elaborate and coats were edged with luxurious fur, hats were decorated with feathers and jewels and the women wore long draped dresses on the under layer. I was inspired by the popular 'opera jackets' of the time and decided to make my own Paisley print through disperse dye which was then had embellished with sequins as a feature on the back. The hat was made with felt as a base layer then draped with velvet to replicate the expensive styles of the time. The model I had chosen had a popular body shape from the time long limbs, an exaggerated and small torso and the complete the look exaggerated eyes and hair styling. I used the traditional 1910 style with a twist on modern fabric creation but kept the luxurious feel." Georgia Noble 

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