Sunday, 26 April 2015

Imogen Woolley I

"This is a costume I have designed for a Triplet from the French animation film, 'Belleville Rendezvous'. Set at the beginning in the 1930s focusing on three concert hall singers, the story then skips many years where the singers are now elderly, frog eating and quite bizarre versions of their past selves.
For this design I really wanted to capture the overly eccentric and exaggerated elements that are displayed in the city of Belleville. The story is odd but charming, and the characters have quite surreal elements that are displayed freely, but also have an underlying sense of innocence. I have taken inspiration from 1970s fashion, creating a lycra suit, and a laser cut fur trimmed jacket. I have also laser cut plastic accessories, to try and create a bit of a mad and over the top character who has all of everything going on at the time." Imogen Woolley

Again wonderful attention to detail by Imogen Woolley and an incredibly fun costume (as you can see by her model Pippi's face).

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