Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ida Taavitsainen

'In Memory of my Wardrobe' is a photographic project by Finnish photographer Ida Taavitsainen. Using garments of friends and family that she has inherited she has examined memories and emotions attached to garments. One dress belonged to Ida's grandmother whom she never met, but she explained that wearing this dress has brought her closer to her grandmother as she knows her size and felt closer to her when she was wearing it.

 "My grandfather bought the fabric in Scotland, my grandmother designed the suit and her loyal seamstress made it for her. It was one of my grandmother’s favourite suits (above). She wore it for many years at lunches and receptions when she had to look presentable. I decided to continue the tradition, and am loyal to my grandmother in that I’ve also worn the suit or jacket at occasions when I’ve needed to look presentable. Ida Taavitsainen
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