Monday, 15 December 2014

Magdalena Brozda

Magdalena Brozda is Polish but studied fashion at the Geneva University of Art and Design she graduated with a BA in 2009 but last year returned to get her Masters, She now lives and works in Geneva. These images are from her 2014 collection 'If I die today, please call me tomorrow', where she explored celebrations of death.

"I used a panel of materials and colours linked to the theme: white leather and paper confetti of different sizes are linked to celebration,. the holes in the leather could evoke a skin pierced by bullets and the pieces in darker colours are more linked to macabre and sinister sentiments. The fringes are references to festive and positive images that designer associated with death since she was Young. Incoherence and confusion are the pillars of the collection: the assembly of elements that have nothing to do with each other (hospital shoes, Nike socks, little girls’ dresses), the unconventional mix of materials like leather, paper, organza, and the more or less chaotic assemblage contribute to create the ambiguous aesthetic of the work." Magdalena Brozda

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