Friday, 30 May 2014

Jenny Ellery

Absolutely loved the vibrance and fun of Jenny Ellery's degree show at ECA. Jenny loves playing with materials textures and colours and the textiles/ clothes she creates are wonderful.

Through experimentation of maliable materials and exploraration of aplication I will continue to develop new and engaging tangible fabrics to adorn the body. I want to let process inform the outcome by documenting interaction and leting it inform the next stage of my development. Sampling will become larger scale to give more indication to how these textures will interact with the body. I want to analyse the tactile things we love and develop my own fabrics to replicate this and enhance feeling. Research into sensitive areas of the body will help me decide on product outcomes. I want to explore the hidden areas of garments such as linings so tactilitly is exeriences inside and out. 

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