Thursday, 3 April 2014

Stéphanie Baechler I

Stéphanie Baechler's work has incredible variety of density texture and planes. It is really fascinating to see her work traverse different disciplines as her ceramics work feeds different elements of her exploration of textile and fashion design. Stéphanie's fascination has steamed from a love of ceramics and its component minerals. This in turn has lead to a desire to take these solid elements and give them the fluidity of textiles and the drape on the human form.
"In Negotiating this disparity, transition and transformation are essential: stone Becomes fabric, Modelled to follow the body while it is moving and to turn the face into sculpture as soon as it comes to rest - Suggesting an effortless, casual flow from fashion to art and back again. Several Elements taken from the mineral world return into the design. " Stéphanie Baechler 

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