Friday, 18 April 2014

Ban Xiao Xue I

Ban Xiao Xue's work has wonderful texture and form inspired by nature and using natural materials such as wool for which he was awarded the prestigious International Woolmark Prize. in 2012 he launched his self titled label.

"Let's forget about fashion design for a moment and go back to the basics of nature. Nothing bears more beauty than the most common things one can find in great Mother Nature: the flowing springs, the blooming flowers, the sunshine, the soil, the air, the sky… All we need to do is to see and listen. Mother Nature has given us the most beautiful clothes: They have feelings, they bear memories, they are so simple but also so magic. Let them flow naturally through people’s bodies, let them integrate with the trees and grass, let them take the textures of the mountains and rivers, and let them reconcile in the utmost harmony. Everything begins with the divine nature, with a life that goes into eternity." Ban Xiao Xue

"I became a little nervous when I was awarded the Woolmark Prize, as it means that I will represent China in the global final which brings pressure but also great motivation. My winning design was inspired by my respect for nature. Nature provides all the beauty to us, and I’m just using my eyes to discover them and put them together. Winning the Regional Woolmark Prize makes me even more determined to work as a successful designer, and to create more exceptional designs as a return to the external support I have received from Woolmark, Vogue China and all those who have supported me in this process." Ban Xiao Xue 

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