Friday, 17 January 2014

Chung-Im Kimmeios

Chung-Im Kimmeios began her career working in the textile industry as a surface pattern designer while also running a studio and teaching in Seoul. In 1990 she emigrated to Canada where she is now an associate professor in the Fibre Dept at OCAD University.
"These recent works explore the chaotic order resulting from many small pieces containing broken images. I tend to see each of these parts as an independent soul containing unique power and energy that then together becomes an entity as cells to a body."  Chung-Im Kimmeios
Chung-Im hand prints and embroiders industrial felt into dynamic forms and patterns
Why felt? It has been many years since I was introduced to industrial felt, and was struck by the unique quality and rich potential of this relatively unknown material. The more I engaged the more I became attached to this material, and continue to explore it’s flexibility, shape forming ability, and forgiving nature. These qualities allow me to realize my ideas in a physical body of work. Like many in this field, I feel that understanding material fully and obtaining the technical skill to handle it are every bit as important as developing the idea. Still, I wouldn’t dare to say that I completely comprehend this material, felt, but that I hope there will be many more years ahead having fun with it. Chung-Im Kimmeios

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  1. Beautiful! the designs are very nice and inspiring