Sunday, 8 December 2013

Malaga Fashion Show I

It has been a very busy week for me so I am sorry about the lack of posts.
I have been away with colleagues and students from Fife College to put on a fashion Show as part of the Leonardo Project; Innovation and Sustainability in Creative Industries.
The motivation behind the show was sustainability, with the focus being organic hair, make-up and clothing and Scotland's theme was water.
The show; "Look'n Green" at the Edgar Neville Theatre, Malagawas organised in Malaga by IES El Palo, and it was a spectacular event involving students and staff from Malaga, Scotland, Denmark, Malta and Holland.
These are some photographs of Scotland's contributions, the dresses were made using a zero waste cutting method pioneered by Julian Roberts and the jewelry as already featured on this blog was made from calico scraps, created from toile production in the fashion department. All were hand dyed using organic indigo. The hair and beauty was the work students and staff from the hair and beauty department.
It was great to see all that preparation and creativity come together so beautifully.

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