Friday, 11 October 2013

Caroline Dear

'cho mearr rì ceann-sìoman' 'as merry as a rope's end'

100 ropes from 50 plants by Caroline Dear. Caroline Dear is an architect and artist who has been exploring the fabric of the land, her exhibition 100 ropes is like a large scale three dimensional drawing an intimate study of the land around her home on the Isle of Skye.
The variation of texture, hue and line of each rope capturing and containing the unique character of each of the composite plants, its place and part in the land and our history.

I love all of the accompanying research and folklore that fed Caroline's imagination and knowledge as she worked on this project.
"A young man on St.Kilda was not supposed to marry until he had a horsehair fowling rope wherewith he could supply the needs of his family.’
Twisted into a thick cable, horsehair was used for letting fowlers down the cliffs."

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