Monday, 28 October 2013

Asher Levine

Asher Levine "I like to be crazy  . . . I just think everyone should be an individual, they should dress the way they want to dress and should show that individuality through their style."
"My name is Asher Levine I am a fashion designer based in New York City, I love life, I love science, I love changing the way people look, and I just love fashion in general. I came to New York and I started making my own clothes and therefore it was very easy for me to sync the style, because in my head I knew what I wanted, therefore I just made what I wanted."
Asher's work draws from the natural world with elements of his clothing being reptilian and insect like. But Asher also draws on the human figure and condition and the way he sees the idea of masculinity developing in society.

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