Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Leanne Dewar

Leanne Dewar's degree show for Drawing and Painting at ECA was "Anthropomorphic"(2018) an installation of textiles collaged into creatures.

"My practice is centred around the creation of anthropomorphic forms through the use of second hand clothing materials. By utilising a variety of clothing types with my practice I can create personifications out with a social context and undefined by a gender or age bracket. These types of materials are easily collected, cheap to buy and can often be found lying around the streets or gifted by friends and family, using these types of materials within my work emphasises that art can come from anywhere and expensive materials don’t always guarantee the work will be more successful. My work incorporates playful experimentation with the collaboration and composition of clothing materials, using a tongue and cheek approach to create humorous figures that appear to have their own animated personhood. An important outcome within my art practice is manipulating the materials to present movement within the work, bringing the forms to life." Leanne Dewar

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